The road to Brazilian bacchanal? 

As the Summer Olympics nears, athletes will soon begin their descent upon Rio de Janeiro. Many will resemble the chiseled statues of Greek heroes—see Doryphoros!—but the world’s best athletes embody these ancient legends in more than one way. 

While Citius, Altius, Fortius (Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger”) may be the Games’ official motto, the second should be: “What happens in the Olympic village stays in the Olympic village.” Coursing adrenaline and the timeless camaraderie of sport give way to another ancient pastime: debauchery. Athletes may show beauty and rigor on the field, but they are also likely to channel Dionysus, who inspired followers to embrace their human passions to their chaotic ends.        —Stanilas Walden, intern, July 28, 2016


Photo source: Webneel      News Sources: Sam Alipour, ESPN, April 15, 2013; Lulu Garcia-Navarro, NPR, July 27, 2016