Do women sleep better with dogs?

November 28, 2018—Researchers have already confirmed what we know from experience: people sleep better alone. But now a new study suggests that if you’re going to share your bed with any animal that isn’t stuffed, make it a canine.

The study interviewed 962 women in the United States who reported sleeping with a cat, a dog, or a person. Humans were found to be the worst bedfellows, and cats were no better. But dogs, for some reason, were women’s best friends. Of course, your results may vary.The pup in this painting may well be an ideal sleeper, but if you have a pug—prone to snoring even when it’s not asleep—good luck.

Image credit: Larry Vincent, Flickr

News source: Hannah Gold, “Study Suggests Women Sleep More Soundly Next to Dogs Than Human Partner,” November 27, 2018