U got the look?

May 3, 2017—It will surprise absolutely nobody that Prince liked to strut his stuff.

A year after his death, the current talley of his shoe wardrobe stands at 2,000—and counting. “Every outfit had a matching pair of shoes,” Paisley Park’s archival director Angie Marchese, told the New York Times. “Most of them are ankle boots and have three-inch heels on them… Even his flip-flops were wedges. Even his tennis shoes are wedges.” His fondness for pumps is seen as a thumbed-nose at gender stereotypes and social conventions—plus a practical boost for the 5’ 3” entertainer.

Image credit: unidentified photographer

Source: Amy X. Wang, “Prince hoarded 2,000 pairs of shoes—that we know of,” Quartz, April 22, 2017