Roots of locker room banter?

The leaked video in which the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, boasts about his predatory behavior toward women was met with much outrage. 

The discomfort with his language suggested that such rhetoric is exceptional or infrequent. However, simply turn back to the Middle Ages, and it becomes clear that this type of misconduct is ages old. Indeed, the explicit gesture Trump alluded to can be seen in many medieval examples. Scholars Sonja Drimmer and Damian Fleming contend that Trump’s statements reflect a cultural legacy of disrespect and violence toward women. Acknowledging that legacy and working to move beyond it is one lesson to learn from the latest headline.         — Gretchen Halverson, Media and Technology Assistant, November 7, 2016



Photo: British Library, Yates Thompson MS 13, fol. 177r

Source: In the Middle, Sonja Drimmer and Damian Fleming, Oct. 9, 2016