Fictional place in history?

In downtown Denver, a peculiar window in the ground showcases what appears to be an excavated dig. Only, the relics are rather contemporary: a cell phone case, even a stoneware bong. Two Mexican artists, who go by Sangree, created the piece to prompt questions about the nature of time—what was in this space before, and what could be put there later? The work also draws attention to how quickly Denver is growing and erasing its past.

Here at Mia, the Curator’s Office similarly plays with fact and fiction. The artist wanted the viewer to question the significance of objects in a cultural, historic, and environmental perspective. Some things are not as they appear. Look closer.

Susan Hopson, Learning Innovation Intern, November 15, 2016


News source: Devon Van Houten, “Fake Ruins Beneath a Denver Bus Station,” Hyperallergic, October 26, 2016