Obsessive love?

We’ve heard it in song lyrics. We’ve seen it in movies. After the breakup, you can’t move on. You think about them constantly.

Scientists have named this condition limerance. While most people do recover from heartbreak, some people develop a kind of psychological illness. One reason is that reminders of your ex are ever-present thanks to social media. You open up Facebook and there they are—with someone else? The feelings come pouring back, and your mind lands in a state of limerance. And it can happen to anyone. Listen to most country songs and you’ll agree.    

  —Susan Hopson, Learning Innovations intern, October 18, 2016



Photo: tedieshi on deviantart.com

News source: Nick Lehr, “Limerance:  The potent grip of obsessive love,” CNN, October 10, 2016