Your cheating art?

We’ve all been there. In the moment at which we must prove our mettle, we’re tempted to grab a crutch. This handkerchief, for example, is inked with the answers to some quiz from heck more than a century ago.

China hardly corners the market on cheats; however, 15 Chinese students were recently accused of hiring imposters to take entrance exams in hopes of securing seats at American universities. The accused allegedly paid nearly $6,000 a pop for their ersatz edge. Suspicions about international students cheating on U.S. university entrance exams are nothing new. The charges include conspiracy, counterfeiting foreign passports, and wire and mail fraud.   —Diane Richard, writer, June 3

Source: By Jess Bidgood, “15 Chinese Accused of Using Test-Taking Impostors for College Entrance Exams,” The New York Times, May 28, 2015