Men: Need a lift?

At Cannes Film Festival recently, a woman was booted off the red carpet for her inelegant choice of footwear: flats. Seems stilettos or platforms offer more than a sartorial lift; they also elevate your societal stature, too. 

Which takes us to men in heels. Today, few fellows would be comfortable in anything but flats, cowboy boots excepted. Centuries ago, though, nobility believed “the higher the heel, the closer to God”—and the farther away from muck in the street. King Louis XIV adored a red silk-covered heel, while diminutive Napoleon surprisingly wore flats. And styles have scarcely shifted since—unless you’re Prince, Mick, Elton, James Brown, or Bowie. —Diane Richard, writer, June 3


Image: Wikimedia Commons Source: Jeni Avins, “Why did men stop wearing high heels, anyway?,” Quartz, May 23, 2015