Sanskrit rock next big thing?

Creative inspiration knows no geographic bounds, as these images of Westernized dandies of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) show so magnificently. 

Recently, an Indian musician found inspiration in Eric Clapton’s classic rock song Layla for a work of his own—with a twist. Krish Ashok’s Indianized version, called Leela, contains all the familiar chords, but its lyrics are in Sanskrit. Posted on the audio-sharing site Soundcloud, Leela has been played almost 50,000 times. In writing Layla, Clapton himself drew inspiration from a 12th-century Persian love story.               —Diane Richard, writer, April 1


Images: Image tweeted out by @krishashok; Ashok selfie Source: Adrija Bose, “Eric Clapton’s Layla in Sanskrit is Hitting All the Right Chords,” NDTV, March 16, 2015