How low can you go?

Was Mr. Ed a Mr. Right? Turns out stallions with the deepest whinnies—think Barry White—win more mates.

Researchers at the University of Rennes 1 in France have shown that, when given the choice, mares choose stallions with deeper voices—a characteristic associated with size and fertility. Looking for reproductive advantage, the mares use their ears to find the toughest, calmest, most fertile males—the ones with the potential to be good sires and protective mates. The same holds true for other mammals, including humans, though only up to a point. Research shows that too much masculinity might be good for a fling, but not for building a family.       —Diane Richard, writer, March 18


Image: Ivan Dupont/Getty) Source: Mia Rozenbaum, “Barry Whites of horse world get all the mares,” New Scientist, March 12, 2015