Where reality wins out?

The term “screentime” describes one more thing that’s ruining American childhoods, much like “junkfood” and “helicopter parenting.” But one place where reality beats the virtual any day is youth rodeo, a sport popular with riders equipped with ranges in their backyards.

Western states like Utah and Wyoming start ’em small; kids as young as 5 begin as mutton-busters, then age their way up to wrangle steers. Faced with a choice of playing video games or updating his Facebook status, one 6-year-old rider said, “I don’t want to sit on my lazy butt” as he adjusted his (required) Kevlar vest, helmet, and, of course, cowboy boots. —Diane Richard, writer, November 11


Image: Kim Raff for The New York Times

Source: JULIE TURKEWITZ, “Where Riding and Wrangling Beat Virtual Adventures,” The New York Times, November 3, 2014