Are you pointing at me?

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, community activist Navell Gordon, and local organization Neighborhoods Organizing for Change have been the subject of controversy over some simple finger-pointing. 

Local news station KSTP, backed by several law enforcement agencies, claimed they were flashing a gang symbol. However, since time immemorial, we’ve used our index fingers to simply point. Hodges and Gordon, much like this scene in Shepherd Boy Pointing at Tobias and the Angel, were using their fingers for good—and emphasis.

—Roma Rowland, Administrative Assistant, Asian Art and Japanese & Korean Art, November 11

Photo credit: Screengrab from Neighborhoods Organizing for Change video

News source: LIBOR JANY and ERIC ROPER, “#pointergate reveals deeper City Hall rift between city, police union,“ Star Tribune, November 11, 2014