Fancy a Tatra? Impala 4 U

A moment of excitement once accompanied trips to the rental car lot, where your gleaming mystery vehicle awaited. Today, it’s more like, “White or silver Impala?”

Yes, you might prefer a Tatra for gadding about town. Instead, rental car companies registered nearly 90,000 new Impalas during 2013, making it North America’s top-selling rental car for two years running. There’s nothing wrong with a sturdy, American-made Impala. It’s like Jif on Saltines. But, still. 

    —Diane Richard, writer, October 15    

Image: Sandy Huffaker for The New York Times 

Source: Josh Barro, “You Can Rent Whatever You Want, as Long as It’s an Impala,” The New York Times, October 13, 2014