Hug a carp?

Behold, lovely women cuddling carp. The fish is not only an invasive species, but also a girl’s best friend. Karpermeisjes, or Carp Girls, have befriended the whiskery bottom feeders while posing for a Facebook photo op. Imagine a modern mermaid, singing a “call of the carp,” as the fish swim lovingly to the surface for the day’s embrace, and a photoshoot to boot.

While this phenomenon may seem a bit strange, women and carp have been snuggling up since 1768. There really is nothing quite like the embrace of a 75-pound slippery aromatic fish. Have you hugged your carp today? **Ana Taylor, assistant photographer, September 3


Image: © Facebook/Carp Girl Fishing

Source: “De karpermeisjes van Facebook,”, September 4, 2014