Independence—och, aye?

This Rubens sketch celebrates the union of Scotland to England, a problematic partnership since 1707. Today, on the eve of a historic referendum to determine Scotland’s future, the stars are not aligned.

With just eight weeks before the referendum, on September 18, both sides are cueing their celebrity cheerleaders. Sean Connery—the original James Bond— and Alan Cumming, pictured center, are in favor of independence; J. K. Rowling—author of the Harry Potter series—is anti. Musician Annie Lennox, below left, remains on the fence.     —Diane Richard, writer, July 23



Image: Eamonn Mccormack/Getty Images; Mike Pont, via Getty Images; Suzanne Plunkett, via Reuters

Source: KATRIN BENNHOLD, “Reading the Future of Scotland in the Stars,” The New York Times,July 23