Wimpy? Who, me?

Recent studies show teenagers are slowing down when they should be speeding up. Or, as NPR says, they’re getting wimpy. Fewer than half of youths ages 12 to 15 are even close to being aerobically fit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With only 34% of girls and 50% of boys in adequate health, the CDC recommends adding physical activity to the school day to improve test scores and lower obesity rates.

Butterfly catching may seem like a wussy sport, but this boy is way fit—and I’ll bet he aced the ACT!

—Roma Rowland, Administrative Assistant

Departments of Asian Art and Japanese & Korean Art

June 4

Photo: NPR, CDC/NCHS, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and NHANES National Youth Fitness Survey

Source: Nancy Shute, “Teens Are Becoming Even Wimpier Than Before,” National Public Radio,May 28