Right to share arms?

The College of Arms, the U.K. organization that governs royal coats of arms, has welcomed very rich titled gay people—hello, Sir Elton John!—to apply. 

If approved, Sir Elton, who is believed to be marrying his civil partner David Furnish in a private ceremony this month, will be able to conjoin this custom shield (shown below: note keyboard) with his betrothed’s. Or, as the College puts it, same-sex spouses may now “impale” the arms of their husband or wife with their own on a heraldic shield or banner. Ouch! —Diane Richard, writer, May 15


Images: Elton John’s custom shield; David Furnish and Elton John, Associated Press

Source: Mia de Graaf, “Married gay couples can now get official coats of arms made at College of Arms—but they will have to pass the college’s own strict seal of approval first,” Daily Mail,May 15