Star-crossed lovers?

The story of an Afghan couple who recently eloped evokes a Shakespearean tragedy as they flee the wrath, and possibly worse, of their families.

The fugitives, Mohammad Ali (21) and Zakia (18), say their love has remained strong in the months since their families denounced the relationship for violating ethnic customs and a supposed arranged marriage when the young woman was a child. The groom, a Shiite Hazara, met his mate, a Sunni Tajik, while farming neighboring plots. Now, the stakes are perilously high as the brave couple heads up to the lawless mountains, seeking safety, and a honeymoon, with relatives in hot pursuit.   —Diane Richard, writer, April 22


Image: Diego Ibarra Sanchez for The New York Times

Source: ROD NORDLAND, “Newlyweds, Facing Threats, Find Brief Respite in Mountains,” The New York Times,April 21