Domestic goddess?

Thanks to poor job recovery and the high cost of childcare, many would-be working mothers are opting to stay at home, according to a recent Pew report.

In 1967, about half of all mothers worked at home, rearing children and running the household. Women’s participation in the work force peaked in 1999 at 60 percent; only 23 percent of mothers then did not have outside employment, a historic low. Today, 29 percent of mothers with children younger than 18—about 10.4 million women—stayed at home in 2012. About 6 percent of respondents answered they would work away from home if they could get a job. —Diane Richard, writer, April 10



Image: Pew Resource Center

Source: Jess Bidgood, “Number of Mothers in U.S. Who Stay at Home Rises,” New York Times,April 8