What lovely bribes you have!

“Women love presents the way dogs like treats,” reasons the founder of Carrot Dating, the first bribery-for-a-date app. Potential partners can entice each other by offering such classy gifts as “plastic surgery or a tank of gas,” he says (and yes, it is a he). Which borders on prostitution or at least bad taste, similar to new sites WhatsYourPrice.com, where men bid on women, and MissTravel.com, where “attractive” women can hook up with “generous men” as, ahem, travel companions. 

Not exactly what Orpheus was trying here, using poetry and lyre music to seduce Eurydice (spoiler: it worked). Yet 30,000 people have joined Carrot Dating, which shows you can indeed buy yourself some love.

  —Tim Gihring, editor

October 31, 2013

Source: cnn.com, October 29, 2013