Weight of the world?

U.S. President William Taft was a yo-yo dieter with a weight-loss guru, personal trainer, and a surprisingly modern low-fat, low-cal daily regimen. Today, he might post blog updates to help him stay focused. But in his time, a dietary diary and letters recorded his cravings.

Researchers recently published in The Annals of Internal Medicinethe findings of his struggles, noting his wins (down 60 pounds!) and frustrations (gaining it all back, plus). Teasing and tales about tight bathtubs didn’t stop him: he died dieting, at a relatively svelte 280 pounds.         —Diane Richard, writer, October 15


Photo: Corbis 

Source: GINA KOLATA, “In Struggle With Weight, Taft Used a Modern Diet,” New York Times, October 15, 2013